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CallToBrazil for Android

CallToBrazil is the easiest way to make national and international calls from your Android saving as much as 90%. Whether you want to make an international call or a national one, you can call and you'll save significantly on your phone bills. No need for your contacts to have the app installed.
If you call using VoIP (i.e. under a WiFi connection) you won't ever pay roaming costs when calling from abroad! CallToBrazil will reduce your phone bill by up to 90%. National and international rates starts as low as 1 cent a minute: check our rates here.

Free calls When you use CallToBrazil for the first time, you'll receive 5 free minutes to call anyone worldwide. Always the best quality. With CallToBrazil you can choose between two types of calls (local call or VoIP call) or you can let the app choose the best solution for the type of connection available at that moment.
Your conversations will always have first-rate voice quality.

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  • Why Use CallToBrazil?

    • Super cheap calls and texts to over 200 countries.

    • Call using WiFi or local access numbers.

    • Always the best voice quality with or without an internet connection.

    • No commitment - your first five minutes of conversation are free.

    • Easy access to all your existing contacts.

    • Call with your existing phone number.

    • In-app purchase to purchase credit.

    • Install the app and call within 15 seconds.

    • Safe and secure – no third-party access ever.
  • New in Version: 2.0

    • 4.4 KitKat look and free updates.

    • This app is optimized for Android.

    • Sign-up with Facebook.

    • Text with your friends.

    • Call log.

    • Manage your contacts and add them to Favorites.

    • Visualize costs per country.

    • Every feature has been designed to be functional and easy to use.

    • Contact Customer Service quickly.

    • Operator charges may apply for the local part of the call and/or your cellular data connection.

    • Push notifications guarantee that you never miss a call or message, even when CallToBrazil is off.